Get started on buying your home today

First thing is to contact me anytime via email, text or calling. We will discuss your search criteria and I will get you on an automated search as well as personally find the best properties suited for you. If you already have a property in mind let me know and let's go tour! Additionally, I will research that home for you and give you all the details and my recommendations. I also give first time home buyers a credit at closing which is best in class. Reach out today and we can get started on your home buying. 

Getting ready to buy

First step is to know what your price range is and how you will be financing the property. Most buyers will get a traditional 30-year fixed mortgage. Click here for the documents that a lender will need from you to get you your pre-qualification letter which is required before turning in a purchase offer to a seller. If buying with all cash the process is much easier and a transaction can be done in a week or less.

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